The Management System Problem i.e., Opportunity:


A management system that does not help drive business performance is not effective. In measuring management systems’ performance, what matters most is impact on your bottom line.


What We Do:


Soma Associates leads transformation efforts. We create management systems based on executives’ core knowledge requirements. At the same time, our proprietary methodology streamlines processes to cut waste and improve efficiency and results. We enable total management systems integration, unleashing a better business management system based on the core business mission and success metrics of the company.


Re-focused processes and procedures feed mission-critical metrics to the dashboard while effectively addressing risk, compliance and quality throughout the organization, turning worn programs into new opportunities for improved business performance. You define what is most important to you, and Soma Associates helps you align (or realign) the business management system to achieve your goals.


The resulting integrated business management system is driven by your customized Soma Dashboard. You can then drive your business guided by your vision and chosen mission-critical metrics, presented on the Soma Dashboard, to improve your bottom line.




Soma Associates is a new kind of consulting firm dedicated to realigning management systems – or helping build them from scratch - to improve your bottom line.


We listen. We will provide free advice to help your thinking along. We are not a “big 4” firm. We don’t charge “big 4” rates. But the work we do may just be better -- measurably better. Our only goal is your success. It is simple - from your success, we flourish.

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